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Pathologist turns Author

 Lou Rosati was born and raised in Lockport, a town on the Erie Canal in Western New York, and became a physician specializing in pathology and laboratory medicine for 39 years. Now retired, He resides in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife Rosalie where he has become a hobbyist-writer, self-publishing two nonfiction books—My Winning Season and Men of Steel. The Boy in Abruzzo is his debut novel.  


HIs first two non-fiction books are memoirs: the firs growing up in his Italian-American neighborhood  in the summer of '54, and the second, his experience working in a steel mill, now an abandoned toxic relic awaiting reclamation.


His  novel, in a sense, is an extension of the memoir genre, in that it is an homage to his family's roots in Abruzzo, drawing on stories from family and friends, some of who lived in the Abruzzo during the war years, incidents that occurred there, and tales from others who fought for the Allies in the Italian campaign. 

Dr Rosati

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